"...Lord Stone, a painfully thin figure striding at such speed that his silver-lined green coat swept the floor to and fro, revealing high black boots. His hairless skull was bony and pockmarked, and the face that turned to whisper to the closest figure, Lady Protheroe, bore a look of terrible cruelty."

"Lord Stone loved the way his steps echoed forcefully around the hallway beneath Parliament. There was something so powerful about the steady, booming rhythm. Get out of the way, it said. A man of vigor is here."


"Only through control can this country remain strong, and only we have the means to keep the people under control."

"We will rule this country," he said suddenly, his reverie over. "We will come out of the darkness and turn this dreadful land into what it should be: a place entirely of obedient slaves ruled by those with the vision, the drive, to lead it to its rightful destiny. Those below must be kept below while we reorder the world. For their benefit, of course."

"Whatever we ask them to do will be done. Have no fear."
"Oh, I have no fear at all, Doctor. But if they fail at the crucial point, you should be very afraid indeed."

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