"When first sighted, moaning softly in his sleep as Solomon stood amazed in the center of the parlor above his shuttered bookshop, he was clad in a long black coat of uncertain material. It was well worn and fell to the tops of mud-splashed boots styled in a fashion popular many years before. His dark trousers had a sharp tear along one leg that was spotted with blood, and Solomon was surprised to see what could only be a flute, glinting in the firelight, tucked into a sheath fixed to the broken seam of one boot.
   Solomon's eyes rose, taking in one hand clad in a dirty tan glove and the other missing its smallest finger. The stranger wore a pale ivory-colored shirt of an eastern design that had clearly suited him for some time, and a dark red scarf surrounded his throat.
   Above the crimson was a face that was perhaps on the rugged side of handsome, framed by long, unkempt black hair. The complexion was that of someone who spent most of his life outdoors, and an old scar almost surrounding his left eye stood out harshly against the skin."


"We are at war... The secret kind. The best kind. A war of shadows and mysteries. Not your sort, not cavalry charges, the thin red line. Not that at all. This is a fight for information, and for the truth."

"I have done strange things in stranger places to the strangest people."

"What a night, eh? Wine, women, and a daredevil plunge from a window. What more could we want?"

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